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Department of Interior Design at a Glance


The mode of industrial development has significantly changed from the OEM to a knowledge-based economy. The Cultural and Creative Industries are one of the major directions of this change. A national development plan entitled “Challenge 2008: National Development Plan” has specified more details in this regard . Listed in this national plan is the scope of the cultural and creative industries, including the visual arts, architectural design, design industry, fashion design, creative life, and so on. It also clearly defined the content of architectural design as: “The industries of architectural design, interior space design, exhibition design, shopping mall design, index design, garden design, landscape design, and landscape design are all included.

The university was promoted to a full-fledged university four years after its establishment, and it has passed all kinds of evaluations and accreditations by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In 2012, the University invited Ando Tadao, the well-known Japanese architect and a Pritzker Architecture Prize winner, to design the Modern Art Museum of Asia University.We established the Department in the same year, with the aim to cultivating our students with interior design skills and practical knowledge and competence . . The establishment of the Department was a response in this manner to our national policies and global trends.