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Department Features


The Department of Interior Design focuses on the development of the following three fields: Interior Space Design and Practice, Sustainable Space Design, and Art Decoration Design.

Industry-Linked Grouping

In order to develop professional interior design skills, the Department has launched a professional grouping, namely "the commercial space" and "the residential space" in line with the current trend of the industry development. The Department cooperated with two major guilds, Taichung City Interior Decoration Commercial Association and Taichung City Municipality's Interior Decoration Commercial Association, to implement internship.The purpose of this one-semester practical internship is not only to reduce the gap between the school and the industry but also the gap between the use of learning and its implementation.


We have invited internationally renowned masters to be our teachers, such as Yu-Tung Liu, Ruixian Chen, Deguang Qiu, and Jinghua Liang, to form a superb teaching and research team.

Cooperation with Brand Companies

The department has cooperated with many well-known brand companies in Taichung city, such as Jianju Construction and Jiaxin Yacht, for our students’ internship. The companies, in turn, provide excellent employment opportunities for our students after they graduate.


In order to stimulate students' learning motivation, the Department hosts an annual competition at the beginning of each semester. This annual competition aims to enable our students to better understand the interior design process and the trend of the industry.

International Resources

The Department has a wide range of overseas cooperation resources. In 2015, the Department cooperated with Tadao Ando to host “The architecture tour of Tadao Ando.” In 2016, The Department had the opportunity to visit Singapore for the well-known architecture office---WOHA. . We have also cooperated with many international universities, including universities in North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. Internship and student exchange can be arranged through the liaison with our partners around the globe .