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  • 2018-09-26
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The Interdisciplinary International Design Program is expected to train 20 interdisciplinary design professionals each year, including visual arts, music and performing arts, cultural performance facilities, crafts, publishing and other industries, as well as advertising, design (including commercial design), design brand fashion. , architectural design, creative life, digital leisure and other related industries. Take performance art as an example, including space design, residential design and retail design, fashion design, multimedia image design, and peripheral design such as graphic design, souvenir design, manual design, etc, including a number of interdisciplinary degree known programs. The following are the employment opportunities for the students in this course:

1. Relevant practical planning and leadership in the development and marketing of fashion design, interior design, merchandise design, multimedia design, interior design, graphic design, etc.

2. Design and development staff, project manager, design management, marketing, and professional designers in the international design industry.

3. Design planning and leadership of independent design organizations such as personal studios.

4. Design and promotion of cultural and creative industries in the public sector and corporate organizations.

5. Employment opportunities brought about by government-driven policies and programs: In addition to the core industries such as design and creativity defined by the cultural and creative industries, other sports and leisure industries such as high-quality industries and digital content industries will be active. The tourism industry, the creative local special industry created by the community, and the surrounding industries such as rural industries and characteristic crafts will all generate a large number of design talents.

6. Cross-strait and international designer business: Globalization and market potential such as frequent cross-strait exchanges will drive the design needs of other international economic organizations and Taiwanese companies.