Course introduction

  • 2018-09-25
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The purpose of this course is to develop high-quality manpower across disciplines and to add value to graduation competitiveness, as explained below:

1. Cross-disciplinary and internationalization is the trend of globalization

The establishment of this international design course is based on the country's overall development strategy. In response to the national development of "internationalization", "cultural and creative industries" and "high value of the industry", combined with the different professional teachers of the School of Creative Design, the cultural creativity Planning for the establishment of international elite design talents for industrial and industrial high-value industries. In the past, the designer was a single professional skill. Nowadays, in response to the diverse design needs of the creative industry, a number of professional designers have gradually become the first choice of the design industry. In addition to the emphasis on design ethics, this program intends to integrate graphic design, three-dimensional design, space design and event design into a single student, cultivating first-class integrated design talents, and achieving a new generation after four years of university training. International design talents."

2. Integrate the characteristics of the department and strengthen the international competitiveness of students

The School of Creative Design consists of five departments and two departments, including the Department of Digital Media Design, the Department of Creative Product Design, the Department of Fashion Design, the Department of Visual Communication Design, and the Department of Interior Design. At the time of enrollment, each department design elite student, through this cross-disciplinary course, students can learn to interact and increase the possibility of cross-domain integration or joint venture. In particular, it strengthens the professional English ability, and has international design practice, international design topics, TOEFL English intensive classes, international design camps at home and abroad during the sophomore year, and one-semester international exchange students in the third year. Students are in line with international standards in design and thinking.