Graduation requirements

  • 2021-11-28

Key points of the basic ability test for graduates of the Department of Interior Design, Asian University

102.08.20 The second semester of the 102nd school year passed the second department meeting

102.10.08 Correction of the 4th meeting of the 1st semester of the 102nd school year


1. The Department of Interior Design of the Asian University (hereinafter referred to as the Department) is to improve the basic ability of students in the university department and the ability of students to compete in employment. Based on the "Key Points for the Examination of the Basic Ability of Bachelor of Students in Asian Universities", "Asia University Interior Design" It is the main point of the basic qualification test for graduates (hereinafter referred to as this point).

2. This point is for students who are enrolled in the bachelor's class after the 102-year (inclusive).

3. Students of the bachelor's degree program within the prescribed period of study shall be able to graduate after completing the following conditions:

(1) Completion of graduation credits as prescribed by the Department.

(2) Completion of one of the designated off-campus graduation results exhibitions and completion of graduation production. (Please read "Implementation Points for Graduation Production in the Department of Interior Design, Asian University")

(3) Completing the basic ability examination of the graduate major, reaching one of the following:

1. Obtain professional drawing license (AutoCAD TQC, AutoCAD Autodesk) and image processing license (PhotoSHOP, Illustrator).

2. Obtain a Class B license for interior design.

3. Participate in the winners of the approved competition (subject to review by the department meeting).

4. The eligibility criteria for the verification of the essentials handled by the main points shall be determined by the organizers.

5. The matters not covered in this point are handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of this department.

6. This point shall be announced and implemented after the meeting of the department meeting is passed.