The international academic exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia are widely appreciated by teachers and students, and the results are remarkable

  • 2022-06-30
Fig. 1: Associate Professor Shih, Sheng-Cheng, chairman of the Department of Interior Design at Asia University (central poster), was invited by Professor James, chairman of the Visual Communication Department of IDB Bali, Indonesia to a remote design course (Exotic2022)

The international exchange has always been one of the most important school-running policies of the Department of Interior Design of Asia University, Taiwan. On June 27, 2022, the chairman of the department, Associate Professor Shih, Sheng-Cheng, accepted the invitation of Professor James, the chairman of the Visual Communication Department of IDB Bali, Indonesia, to conduct a three-way trip. Distance Design Course. Teachers and students from Taiwan Asia University, Bali University of Design, and Indonesia Budi Luhur University (located in Jakarta, Indonesia) participated in a lively and wonderful distance design course Exotic2022.

Dean Li, Yuan-Rong of the School of Creative Design, Asia University, Taiwan pointed out that this is a grand international exchange with more than 200 teachers and students participating, which not only extensively and deeply connected the friendship between teachers and students of Asia University and the two universities in Indonesia, but also a successful academic exchanges. The participants were mainly second and third year students from the Visual Communication Department and Interior Design Department of IDB Bali, and three teachers including Yori Pusparani from the School of Creative Design of Budi Luhur University in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Fig. 2: Exotic2022 posters for distance design courses at Asia University in Taiwan, Bali University of Design, Indonesia, and Budi Luhur University
Fig. 3: The opening ceremony of the distance course for teachers and students of the Department of Visual Communication and the Department of Interior Design, Bali University of Design, Indonesia.

After the successful completion of the course, Professor James, head of the Visual Communication Department at Bali University of Design, Indonesia, pointed out that knowledge can indeed be obtained from anywhere. This is demonstrated by the successful implementation of an Exotic; a teaching experience for the International Class of 2022. The event brought a guest speaker from Taiwan Asia University, Associate Professor Shi Sheng-Cheng of Asia University, and invited long-term cooperation and exchange of MD student Yori Pusparani from Budi Luhur University as the chief tutor of this international exchange. The most precious thing is that Professor Shih, Sheng-Cheng provided many new insights on space design. How to be a perspective that designers must pay attention to in design so that our design can be well communicated and have substantial utility to the community. Especially on the topic of sustainable development, Professor Shih provided many practical and valuable opinions, and everyone can rethink how to face the new challenges of future globalization and sustainable development.