Studying abroad, there are 3 students as the outbound exchange to Pinnacle College in Nepal for a month

  • 2022-08-03
In the past two years, due to the epidemic, it was impossible to go abroad for exchanges, but international exchanges and learning have not been interrupted. We have conducted long-distance online courses and have online classes with sister schools in Malaysia and other countries. At present, the epidemic situation in various countries in the world has slowed down. This summer, teacher Lin Jiahui led the students to Malaysia indoors. After an internship in a furniture design company, he led three students to study at Pinnacle College in Nepal, where the students followed the local university students for a month.
Dr Chia Hui Lin,: Pinnacle is known for its disciplined milieu and having rich history of fostering big ideas and people who make them happen. To make substantial contribution in the realm of education in Nepal. The college has tried its best to meet the growing challenges of modern time by extending different disciplines.
Among the three students this time, two are from the Department of Interior Design and one is from the Department of Biomedical Sciences. We welcome cooperation with all departments. Since its establishment, the Department has been actively involved in the internationalization of the department by cultivating interior design professionals with an international perspective. It also cooperates with the promotion of the college, international design workshops, overseas internships and international visits. In addition to various channels for students to exchange students, double degrees, teacher exchanges, academic cooperation, and overseas internships with sister schools that have a cooperative relationship with our school, they can also carry out "study with the planned local university" ... and other international Exchange activities allow students to expand their international horizons and learn more diverse courses.
Chen Kuan-Ying, a sophomore from the Department of Interior Design, said: For me, a person who does not often go abroad, this one-month trip abroad is of great significance to me. In addition to establishing my own international outlook, I can also fully study from the perspective of travel. , This trip to Nepal has brought me considerable cultural shock and shock, not only the magnificent mountains and rivers, but also the local food and humanization. One of the most distinctive things in this trip is that it is different from the local Students go to class together for a month, through which we can get closer to the real Nepal and learn about their life, work and education, and even the local language - Nepali. I was given such a precious opportunity to learn in this way.
Chang,Pi-Jan a sophomore in the Department of Interior Design, said: Learning experience in Nepal: Pinnacle University in Nepal has rich resources and enthusiastic classmates to accompany us to learn and grow together. Studying abroad has also improved my language learning ability. In the course of the day, all courses are taught in English, and in the cultural exchange activities after class, we also learn each other's language and use it in our daily life. I hope we can learn more local culture in Nepal this time. And the aesthetics of architectural design!
Huang Bin, a sophomore from the Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, said: The experience of going abroad this time is very special. From my visit to Nepal to living with my classmates and teachers, it has given me a higher and different perspective. I am really happy to exchange languages and discuss interests with my classmates no matter where I am, and my language skills have improved significantly, whether it is Nepali or English. I am very grateful to this beautiful place and warm school for giving us this opportunity.
Director Shi of the Department of Interior Design said: It is a rare opportunity and cooperation to study in the New South Country. Nepal has a strong cultural history and architectural art. Students can learn different cultures, meet foreign friends, improve language skills, enrich own international perspective.
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Figure 1  Teacher Lin Jiahui leads three students to Nepal
(Left 1) Dr Chia Hui Lin(Left 2) Chang,Pi-Jan(Left 3) Huang Bin(right 1) Chen Kuan-Ying