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Department of Interior design students participated in CDIRC2018 exhibition successfully

This CDIRC2018 exhibition (CDIRC, Creative Design and Intensive Remedial Classes) will showcase 81 artworks such as interior designs, metal jewelry, makeup demonstrations, book designs, poster designs and other works in Aman Square.

SDIRC was a class that focuses on students from disadvantaged families. They may not have a full competitive advantage in regular class and not easy to gain the attention from teachers. We encourage them to express themselves and show off what they like and not necessarily what they can.

Prof. Shih, Director of Creative Design and Invention Center, address in CDIRC2018 exhibition

Asia University (Taiwan) held a joint exhibition of the first semester of Creative Design and Intensive Remedial Classes(CDIRC 2018) in the 107th academic year. From now until December 5th, it was exhibited at the Aman Square. A total of 99 students participated in the exhibition and 81 works were exhibited. Including interior design, clothing, metal jewelry, makeup demonstration, book picture book, poster design and exhibition design planning. The first semester of the 107th academic year was held in conjunction with the results exhibition. The opening tea party was held at 2 pm on December 3, and the tutors were present to encourage students.

Prof. Chang, Dean of Student Affairs, address in CDIRC2018 exhibition

Artworks of CDIRC2018 Exhibition

Joint Achievement CDIRC2018 Exhibition, a photo of teachers and students who attended the opening ceremony and came to see the exhibition.

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