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Brand Internship ‧ Guaranteed Employment

Farglory Construction: 15
Yojicon Construction:10
Cooperation unit Number of people Contact information
Yojicon Construction 1 Cai Guoliang(04-23253388*252)
Li Zuyuan Architects 2 Miss Huang (Original Secretary Wang Chongping)(02-27198288*228)
Large size design 2 Host designer Huang Huimei(02-27401518)
Tanglin architectural interior design 2 Design Director Tang Zhenzhen (04-24636588)
MIEMASU Interior Design 1 Host designer Zhang Wei(04-22555671)
Jay interior design 1 Host designer Wang Huizhen(0916-177161)
Space tension design office 1 Hosted by Kebo(04-23755411)


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